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Daybreak on the rise — call to worship for Genesis 32

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From Dee Ledger of Maryland, US, comes this amazing call to worship which speaks to next Sunday’s Hebrew Bible text for the Revised Common Lectionary.

Call to Worship — Daybreak on the Rise based on Genesis: 32:22-31

Leader: We are sent as family.
Sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles, mammas and pappas, the wanted and unwanted…

Men: Sent across the scorching desert, the churning river,
the quiet chasm of despair, the gaps of want
and need
and desire.

Leader: We are daybreak on the rise!

Women: After angels two-steppin’ rungs vertical and horizontal.

Leader: After God shoutin’ promises of real estate, real protection, and real freedom

Men: Even stone pillows grow soft with yearning and naming,
witnessing and being,
singing about some forgotten awe.

ALL: Daybreak on the rise, my people! Daybreak on the rise!

Leader: Jacob found an angel in his tattered pocket.

Men: That angel just won’t keep still…

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