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Removing the Winnicut River Dam

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Sustaining Piscataqua

Written by Erin Kenney

Greenland, New Hampshire is home to the Winnicut River.  This river served as a highway and popular camping spot for the Native Americans.   The River is part of the Great Bay, which is located ten miles inland and encompasses nearly 25,000 acres of tidal waters.   Part of the Picataqua region, the Great Bay is a tidal estuary that including several flowing rivers creating a boundary between New Hampshire and Maine.  It empties into the Atlantic Ocean east of Portsmouth.

Over many years, the Picataqua River made the shift from maritime to marine. Being that we no longer depend on these waterways in the Picataqua region for commerce, people are starting to think of these places in terms of sustainability. The Winnicut River was a highway to travelers, supplying transportation, food, as well as natural beauty. The amount of contamination in the river has opened the…

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