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Marriage is supposed to be a big transition in life. Mine definitely was. I went from being a college student to being a; graduate, wife, entreprenuer, and weaver. All in roughly a week. I was 20 years old and there was enough family drama that the enormity of that transition didn’t really occur to me at the time.  But really, my life is easily divided by before and after.  And really, it’s because that week, I became a weaver.

Since people ask where I grew up all the time, I usually tell them I came from Southern California.  I lived there till I was almost 13.  Then we moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico, where I went to high school.  The change from the SoCal LA to the NM version of LA meant I was no longer a California Girl, which I’m sure disappointed the Beach Boys terribly. Or at…

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Public historian; working w/ small businesses/college students/interfaith groups.

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